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  • 50.20 CHF / Kg

    This famous spanish cheese is coming from Manche's township ( in the center of the country). Its crust, changing from light yellow to dark brown, is thin and striped. Its paste is firm and creamy. It has a characteristic taste, full-flavoured with small salty notes.Refinement: 3 months

    50.20 CHF / Kg
  • 37.50 CHF / Kg

    Coming from the beautiful spanish Leòn township, this blue cheese has the particularity to be elaborate by a subtle mix of goat and cow milks.Its taste, softer than the other parsley-paste cheeses, is balanced and salty. With refinement, it can becomes more spicy.

    37.50 CHF / Kg
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items