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  • 38.40 CHF / Kg

    Blue cheese with parsley paste and a cylindrical form.It's made by cow milk. To develop, the cheese needs oxygene, that's why it is perforated , to favorise aeration.Refinement: 4 weeks minimum.

    38.40 CHF / Kg
  • 52.90 CHF / Kg

    Made by pure sheep milk, this semi-hard paste cheese has a full-flavoured and balanced taste.It is made in Pyrénées-Atlantiques township ( South-West of France).Its thin crust is orange-brown and its firm paste has a beatiful ivory color.

    52.90 CHF / Kg
  • 39.25 CHF / Kg

    French cheese producted in Bresse township. It is made by pasteurized cow milk. It is a creamy paste cheese, unpressed and uncooked and with a natural crust. Mid flavor. Refinement: 2 up to 4 weeks

    39.25 CHF / Kg
  • 33.65 CHF / Kg

    The Meaux's Brie is a raw milk cheese with a soft paste lightly salty and superficial molds.The crust is thin, white with red stripes ( because of its refinement on a straw during 4 weeks).

    33.65 CHF / Kg
  • 37.80 CHF / Kg

    Fine cheese, it's made following the tradition, with milk enriched with fresh cream.Soft paste cheese moulded manually with a spoon. Its creamy note, its melting texture and its fine and sweet taste are making of it a delight.

    37.80 CHF / Kg
  • 27.90 CHF / Kg

    Goat buche

    27.90 CHF / Kg
  • 38.00 CHF / Kg

    Subtle and deep in mouth. It's on the best high montain's cheese . Slowly refined in the natural ambiance of the underground caves of St-Antoine at 1100m high.Every grindstone is personnaly selected ( choose for the finest of the paste, the wealth and deepness of the aromas).

    38.00 CHF / Kg
  • 23.00 CHF / Kg

    Producted in the Auvergne and Loire's township. It's made by cow milk. Its crust is dry, flowery and has a light grey color,Its paste from white color presents openings with a regulary blue-green marbling.Refinement: at least 45 days.

    23.00 CHF / Kg
  • 32.90 CHF / Kg

    Naural crust, 18 to 22 months of refinemnet are developing a beautiful hard paste with a strong flavor, delicious hazelnut notes and a full-flavoured strong taste.

    32.90 CHF / Kg
  • 36.20 CHF / Kg

    Ce délicieux fromage à pâte molle et à croûte lavée fait la fierté de la région franc-comtoise ( située à l'est de la France, frontalière avec la Suisse).Le Mont d'Or à une pâte coulante et crémeuse qui lui permet d'être cuisiné ou dégusté cru à la cuillère.Il est maintenu par une sangle fait d'écorce et entreposé dans une boîte en bois.Dégustable entre...

    36.20 CHF / Kg
  • 25.90 CHF / Kg

    Raw milk cheese, creamy and recognizable to the ash line through the grindstone.

    25.90 CHF / Kg
  • 41.00 CHF / Kg

    Traditionally refined in Alsace ( France) township during 3 weeks cheese. Bodied flavor.The crust is smooth, a little bit wet, the color goes from dark yellow to orange-red. The paste is flexible, the smell typical and very feature. Its taste is raised and strong.

    41.00 CHF / Kg
  • 49.55 CHF / Kg

    Marketed since 1997 by Lactalis.It is flexible, creamy and onctuous.Refinement: around 3 months

    49.55 CHF / Kg
  • 32.20 CHF / Kg

    French cheese AOC producted in the Haute-Savoie and Savoie township. It's made by raw cow milk. The paste is creamy, mellow and has a ivory color recoverded of a thin foam on its thin crust. The taste is subtle and velvety. Refinement: 15 up to 30 days.

    32.20 CHF / Kg
  • 51.00 CHF / Kg

    French AOC cheese, producted in the Roquefort township. It's made by raw sheep milk. Its paste is smooth, parsley and the cheese is recovered of an aluminium foil to protect it of light. Its taste is at the time very very thin and very prononced.

    51.00 CHF / Kg
  • 48.65 CHF / Kg

    French AOC cheese, producted in the Roquefort township. It's made by raw sheep milk. Its paste is smooth, parsley and the cheese is recovered of an aluminium foil to protect it of light. Its taste is at the time very very thin and very prononced,

    48.65 CHF / Kg
  • 33.20 CHF / Kg

    Roulé ail et fines herbes

    33.20 CHF / Kg
  • 44.00 CHF / Kg

    French cheese product in Haute-Loire's township. It is made by pasteurized mixed cow milks.Its paste is soft and parsley.

    44.00 CHF / Kg
  • 23.30 CHF / Kg

    St.Nectaire AOC jeune

    23.30 CHF / Kg
  • 37.80 CHF / Kg

    The crust is flowery and presents white, yellow or red molds. The paste has a creamy to a yellow color, uniformally repartee.

    37.80 CHF / Kg
  • 39.65 CHF / Kg

    French cheese coming from Poitou-Charentes township. After being formed, the tomme is rubbed with Muscadet, which gives it a slight alcoolic note.The paste is white and its crust orange.Refinement: at least 4 months.

    39.65 CHF / Kg
  • 28.40 CHF / Kg

    This famous cheese coming from Savoie and Haute-Savoie's townships take its name from the local dialect ( "Toma" which means " High montains cheese").Recognizable by its large grey and fluffy crust, it is made by carefully processed raw cow milk. Its taste, strongly depending on its refinement, is perfumed by nutty and woody notes. Its texture is...

    28.40 CHF / Kg
  • 36.55 CHF / Kg

    Made by pasteurized sheep milk, the Xetabel is counterpart of the famous greek "feta".Its taste is however less salty that its cousin. Perfect to be cooked, eat as it is or in salad.

    36.55 CHF / Kg
  • 38.65 CHF / Kg

    French AOC cheese producted in the North and Aisne department. Made by pasterized pressed milk.The Maroilles has a caracteristic smell and a full-bodied taste. Its paste is mellow and its orange crust. Refinement: 5 weeks.

    38.65 CHF / Kg
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