Before coming to your table to amaze your taste buds, the cheese makes a long journey ...

For your meal to be a real success, we are pleased to offer you the fruit of our passion: authentic and tasty cheeses. For more than 65 years, the Fromagerie Sciboz has been serving taste, quality and conviviality. We are located in Friborg, Switzerland, in the heart of a country that owes so much to the culture of cheese.

Discover our fondues ready to use, they will pack you and will make the happiness of a moment between friends or in family.

Let yourself be guided in the world of cheese

  • 11.70 CHF

    The famous Fondue Half-Half of m.Sciboz ( Half Gruyère's cheese, half Vacherin's cheese) is a big classic in culinary Fribourg' art. The original "ready to use" recipe was created in 1962 by my father, Gilbert Sciboz.She's elaborated by a big quality cheese's choice, she's easy, foolproof and quick made. Can stay in fridge 45 days ( 1-5°C) or can be put...

    11.70 CHF
  • 12.50 CHF

    The Vacherin's Fondue is another big classic in Fribourg's culinary art. More creamy than the Half-Half one, it is composed by a mix of different Vacherins, chosen by us for their refinement. It's cooked with wather, is eated lukewarm with bread or potatoes. It's easy , foolproof and quick made.

    12.50 CHF
  • 29.00 CHF / Kg

    Soft crust cheese made by cow milk. Its paste is white and creamy. The crust is flowery. Refinement: 4 up to 6 weeks.

    29.00 CHF / Kg
  • 22.25 CHF / Kg

    Swiss cheese product in the township of Fribourg ( Mont Vully). Made by cow milk, the paste is pressed and baked. Its crust is regulary cleaned with white wine from Mt-Vully. Its paste is semi-hard and has a ivory color, the taste is delicate, salty and a bit spicy.

    22.25 CHF / Kg
  • 26.65 CHF / Kg

    Swiss cheese producted in Fribourg's township. It's made by cow milk. Its paste is semi-hard and has a yellow color. Its crust is cleaned and is brown. Its taste is fruity, hazelnuty,may be full-flavoured depending on the piece. Refinement: 8-10 months

    26.65 CHF / Kg
  • 44.55 CHF / Kg

    Soft crust cheese, with a mix of Espelette pimento ( coming from France) and fresh cheese in the center, this french brie becomes spicy and smooth.Home fabrication.

    44.55 CHF / Kg