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  • 32.20 CHF / Kg

    Appenzeller extra, Regional speciality from Appenzel township, it's made by cow milk, with a reffine but full-flavoured taste. The crust is made by a mix of plants. Refinement: 6 up to 8 months.[g:200,300,400,500,600,700,800,900,1000,3000,6000]

    32.20 CHF / Kg
  • 31.35 CHF / Kg

    Semi-hard swiss cheese made from thermized cow milk and enriched with cream. Its crust is clean, its taste mild and its texture soft.

    31.35 CHF / Kg
  • 26.00 CHF / Kg

    Semi-hard swiss cheese, made from cow milk, contains a small amount of fat. 25 %Pleasant in mouth, salty, depends on refinement.

    26.00 CHF / Kg
  • 60.75 CHF / Kg

    During the fabrication is slowly added milk and pimento. The pastry becomes light pink and the taste piment and spicy.4 months old refine cheese.

    60.75 CHF / Kg
  • 30.75 CHF / Kg

    Swiss blue-cheese, only product in the region of Grangeneuve ( Fribourg, Switzerland). It's made by cow milk, all along the year. Its crust is soft, creamy and has a full-flavoured caracter, may be a little prickly. Refinement: 2 to 3 months.

    30.75 CHF / Kg
  • 37.10 CHF / Kg

    Neuchâtel montains cheese, with parsley crust and a soft and creamy taste.

    37.10 CHF / Kg
  • 51.80 CHF / Kg

    Brebis de Barberêche au lait cru.

    51.80 CHF / Kg
  • 44.55 CHF / Kg

    Soft crust cheese, with a mix of Espelette pimento ( coming from France) and fresh cheese in the center, this french brie becomes spicy and smooth.Home fabrication.

    44.55 CHF / Kg
  • 44.55 CHF / Kg

    Home fabrication.A subtle mixture of pepper and cognac are perfuming this semi-hard paste french cheese.The blend of the smoothness of the cheese and the strong perfume of the cognac ( increased by the pepper) are making of it a must.

    44.55 CHF / Kg
  • 72.00 CHF / Kg

    Soft crust cheese, with truffe and truffe oil in the center,

    72.00 CHF / Kg
  • 37.45 CHF / Kg

    This hard-paste typical cheese is coming from Grisons township.Its thin crust has a light brown color and its ivory paste is hole interspersed. Made by cow milk, its taste is full-flavoured.Refinement: long, between 6 and 9 months.

    37.45 CHF / Kg
  • 42.55 CHF / Kg

    Swiss cheese products in the township of Fribourg. It's made by goat milk. Its crust is semi-hard , crust clean and with a light brown color. The taste is nice and it has a creamy texture. Refinement: 3 months.

    42.55 CHF / Kg
  • 43.65 CHF / Kg

    Refine during 3 months. Very creamy cheese, with a full-flavoured and powerfull taste .

    43.65 CHF / Kg
  • 43.65 CHF / Kg

    Fromage de chèvre du Jura suisse, au lait cru. Plutôt corsé, surtout après affinage.

    43.65 CHF / Kg
  • 42.00 CHF / Kg

    This is a goat cheese with a pasty texture, not to strong or to odorous, it is perfect for cooking: -Cordon-Bleu ( piece of meat with cheese and ham in the center) , Gratin (potatoes, cream and cheese), Raclette ( swiss speciality with melted cheese) or Fondue for example.

    42.00 CHF / Kg
  • 34.55 CHF / Kg

    Fribourg regional cheese with a semi-hard crust. Sweet and creamy.

    34.55 CHF / Kg
  • 27.30 CHF / Kg

    Combramo aux herbes de provence

    27.30 CHF / Kg
  • 28.35 CHF / Kg

    Regional cheese from Vaud township, made by cow milk. Its salty taste grown dwith refinement.

    28.35 CHF / Kg
  • 30.75 CHF / Kg

    Cheese from Fribourg township from cow milk, sweet, becoming stronger with refinement.

    30.75 CHF / Kg
  • 24.00 CHF / Kg

    Swiss cheese with hard crust made in Bern township. Product by cow milk, the paste is cooked and pressed . Refinement: 12 up to 24 months.

    24.00 CHF / Kg
  • 20.00 CHF / Kg

    Swiss cheese with hard crust made in Bern township. Product by cow milk, the paste is cooked and pressed . Refinement: 8 up to 12 months.

    20.00 CHF / Kg
  • 31.65 CHF / Kg

    Hard-paste cheese coming from Fribourg's township ( Pays d'enhaut).Rinded, the cheeses are forming the famous shavings witch Etivaz is known for. The taste is full-flavoured and very fruity.Refinement: 6 up to 24 months

    31.65 CHF / Kg
  • 55.25 CHF / Kg

    Swiss cheese from the township of Fribourg ( Gruyère). Made by sheep milk. Its crust is semi-hard and cleaned, its color ivory. The tast is aromatic. Refinement: 3 to 6 months.

    55.25 CHF / Kg
  • 29.75 CHF / Kg

    Cow milk cheese made in the township of Fribourg ( Grangeneuve). Its paste has a ivory-white color and the texture is tender. The crust is recover by white mold, giving a strong taste, close to Camembert. Refinement: 4 weeks.

    29.75 CHF / Kg
Showing 1 - 24 of 68 items